Gilgamesh in Todmorden: Gig photos

We had the pleasure of once again participating in this year’s Pushing up Daisies festival, Todmorden, where we were performing Gilgamesh in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall; an exciting and unusual performance space set out as a functioning court room. Quite an appropriate arena for King Gilgamesh to be tested and judged by the gods, and have his moral courage weighed in the balance, we thought so anyway!

Here are some photos from the night:



Gilgamesh the Trailer…

On Monday 14th May Gilgamesh returns to Tod town hall at 7pm. Come and see the performance of the world’s oldest story that’s been described by Jay Griffiths (Pip Pip – A Sideways Look at Time) as “a tale told with real beauty and care” and Horatio Clare (Orison for a Curlew) as “sublime.” Told by Peter Findlay, with music from Sonja Froebel and Andrew Daley. Last year we had a full house so do come early to avoid disappointment. Very excited to have this out there and many thanks to the brilliant Geoff Brokate for his sterling effort.

Gilgamesh returns! Monday 14th May 2018

Pushing Up Daisies festival, Todmorden

Off By Heart Music and Stories is delighted to be returning with our production of Gilgamesh to perform at the Pushing Up Daisies festival in Todmorden; an exploration of conversations around death, dying and bereavement.  We hope you will join us as we embark once more on the hero’s journey on Monday 14th May 2018 at 7pm, Council Chamber, Todmorden Town Hall. No booking needed. Please be advised that our show is age 16+, as there are some adult themes. Check out their website here for more details, and a soon-to-be-published program, together with details of last year’s event.